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  • The Morris Justice Project
    The Morris Justice Project (MJP) was a collaborative research team of neighborhood residents in the south Bronx and members of the Public Science Project, the CUNY Graduate Center, John Jay College, and Pace University Law Center. Sponsored by the Public Science Project, MJP spent two years documenting experiences of policing […]
  • Inequitable Marijuana Criminalization, COVID-19, and Socioeconomic Disparities
    A report from Drug Policy Alliance & the Public Science Project Highlights Makes the Case for Community Reinvestment and Social Equity in Marijuana Legalization Bill. A new report (Adler, Dakin, Linder, Moore, & Stoudt, 2021) released in March, by the Drug Policy Alliance and the Public Science Project, Inequitable Marijuana […]
    TESANDA is a transnational interdisciplinary network of scholarship and pedagogy born during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Linking educators, scholars, and academics across borders, TESANDA has a collective of folks engaging in interdisciplinary transnational work focused on justice and equity. TESANDA aims to: Join the conversation on our SLACK Channel: Please log […]
  • And Still They Rise: Lessons from Students in NYC’s Alternative Transfer High Schools
    In this report we present the stories and the statistics of the 842 students in New York City’s transfer high schools who participated in a broad-based participatory survey of their educational experiences. This survey was implemented in 2018 as transfer schools in New York City were confronted with a policy […]
  • Youth Justice Reseach Collaborative
    The Youth Justice Research Collaborative (YJRC) is a collective developed in partnership with the CUNY Public Science Project, Youth Represent, Children’s Defense Fund-NY and the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York to center the lives and conditions of those most impacted by Raise the Age, using participatory action research […]
  • Assessing College Readiness Through Authentic Student Work
    How the City University of New York and the New York Performance Standards Consortium Are Collaborating Toward Equity Authors  Authors: Michelle Fine & Karyna Pryiomka A collaboration between The Public Science Project, The New York Performance Standards Consortium, and the Learning Policy Institute. View the original posting of the report […]
  • Beyond Acceptance Research Collective
    The Beyond Acceptance Research Collective (BARC) is a critical participatory action research (CPAR) project documenting experiences lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or gender expansive youth (LGBTQ+/GE) youth have with their families. Our project grew from a concern about the high number of LGBTQ+/GE youth that struggle with their families and […]
  • Red Flags
    Red Flags : Stereotypes & Racism in the Schools (Salt Lake City, Utah 2007-2009) is a participatory action research & documentary project focused on students experiences of racism in schools. The youth research team conducted over 20 interviews/focus groups with students in the Salt Lake Valley, in addition to re-enacting their own […]
  • Easy Targets / Los Vulnerables
    Easy Targets / Los Vulnerables is a participatory action research project & video documentary project  (Salt Lake City, Utah (2007-2009) focused on the challenges undocumented students face in trying to go to college.  Easy Targets was produced by an intergenerational research team who conducted interviews with students, parents, community members, and […]
  • Intergenerational Change Initiative (ICI)
    Intergenerational Change Initiative (ICI) was created to support municipalities to promote youth participation and intergenerational policy-making. ICI works with government entities to adapt a technology-based, intergenerational, participatory policy-making (TIPP) approach. Using the infrastructure of youth councils around a city/country, a youth participatory action approach and mobile technology, the TIPP model […]
  • International Education Initiative
    The International Education Initiative (IEI) works with schools to 1) develop and implement a customized whole school curricular and instructional program, 2) design and provide a pre-service teacher education institute, and 3) conduct professional development workshops, institutes and seminars for teachers, school leaders and the communities they serve. The mission of […]
  • The Care Project
    The CAregiver REsearch ProjectSan Francisco/Bay Area The ‘CARE’ in CARE Project stands for Caregiver Research. Training began in 2012 and participatory collection and analysis continues today. The project’s primary goal is to collect the stories of caregivers in our community to understand what they are going through. The CARE Project […]
  • Memoscopio
    MEMOSCOPIO is a multidisciplinary action research project that documents, studies, and promotes current experiences and experiments with nonviolence. The goal of the project is to produce knowledge that is collectively owned, useful, and rooted in the experience of activists, artists, educators, and other individuals who engage in nonviolence. The Memoscopio team […]
  • Welfare Warriors
    The Welfare Warriors Research Collaborative (WWRC) was a participatory action research (PAR) project that convened from 2007 to 2010 in NYC, bringing together 20 low income lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming (LGBTGNC) co-researchers to investigate the social structural violences low income LGBTGNC communities navigate every day. We designed, conducted, and analyzed […]
  • The Marilyn Gittell Archive
    Marilyn Jacobs Gittell, 1931–2010, was an NYC scholar-activist fiercely committed to racial, gender, and educational justice, and especially known for her dedication to public school reform and community control. Joining with the black resistance movements of the 1960s, this work was epitomized by the “Ocean-Hill Brownsville controversy” – a Brooklyn-based […]
  • Researchers for Fair Policing
    Researchers for Fair Policing is an intergenerational team of researchers from Make the Road New York & the Public Science Project.  We are collecting the stories of young people’s experiences with the police and school safety officers.  We know there are many different perspectives on the NYPD and we want […]
  • Polling for Justice
    Aligned with young people’s organizing and advocacy in New York City, we are creating a city-wide (five borough) survey of youth experiences and desires/demands, in reference to education, health and justice. As a collaborative of young people, organizers, educators, and researchers, working across generations, organizations and neighborhoods, we are designing […]


  • The Morris Justice Project: Know Your Rights Workshop 11/2
    Come join us! Lawyers from the Pace Law School Criminal Justice Clinic will be available to answer questions about incidents involving the police, and/or stop and frisk, and provide representation for anyone charged with a misdemeanor or violation.  Learn more about the Morris Justice Project: Call (347) 541-7789 or Email morrisjustice@gmail.com. November 2, 2011 […]
  • The Morris Justice Project Presents: Know Your Rights Workshop
    Come join us! Lawyers from the Pace Law School Criminal Justice Clinic will be available to answer questions about incidents involving the police, and/or stop and frisk, and provide representation for anyone charged with a misdemeanor or violation.  Learn more about the Morris Justice Project: Call (347) 541-7789 or Email morrisjustice@gmail.com. November 2, 2011 […]
  • PSP Community Lunches
    Come one, come all Friday, April 26 12:00-1:00PM PSP Community Lunches are ‘free spaces’ for anyone interested in participatory action research and design to break bread, engage in good conversation, build community, and germinate ideas. Bring your lunch and join us! Dining Commons on the 8th floor of The CUNY Graduate Center […]