The Public Science Project conducts and supports participatory action research with a commitment to the significant knowledge people hold about their lives and experiences and a belief that those most intimately impacted by research should take the lead in shaping research questions, framing interpretations, and designing meaningful products and actions. We collaborate with community organizations, schools, prisons, and public institutions to design research and practice aimed at interrupting justice. See more on our research projects here.

Workshops & Trainings

The Public Science Project engages a radical participatory pedagogy to redistribute knowledge across communities. We hold workshops, trainings, institutes, and salons on theories, methods, and ethics of PAR. Check back for a schedule.

The Critical PAR Institute

An annual 5-day intensive PAR training covering the history, theory, and ethics of the approach, as well as in-depth discussions of participatory methods, conditions for meaningful community collaborations, and examples of effective research designs. The Institute is open to community members, graduate students, and academics. Participants receive a certificate upon completion. Apply here.

Methods for the People

A workshop series open to community members, graduate students, and academics. Featuring modules on: statistics, qualitative data, mapping, photovoice, participatory digital media, collaborative analysis, embodied analyses, participatory ethics.

Specialized PAR Trainings

Custom designed trainings in PAR methodologies and approaches created in collaboration with foundations, community, school and/or university groups. Specialized trainings are available upon request.

Salons and Roundtables

Informal dialogues across fields, institutions, and disciplines designed to build solidarity, knowledge, research, and policy.


The Public Science Project offers individual and ongoing consulting services on research, evaluation, participatory practice, and policy design.