Aligned with young people’s organizing and advocacy in New York City, we are creating a city-wide (five borough) survey of youth experiences and desires/demands, in reference to education, health and justice. As a collaborative of young people, organizers, educators, and researchers, working across generations, organizations and neighborhoods, we are designing a participatory action project (PAR) to assess urban youth experiences of education, health (including sexual and reproductive), criminal justice and policing in their schools, on the streets and on mass transit in the five boroughs of New York City.

The research is being designed, implemented and turned into action by over 40 young people collaborating with youth-led organizations, educators, activists, practitioners and researchers from the fields of education, health and criminal justice. Together we have designed the survey, are engaged in data collection, interpretation, analysis, and will produce products that support organizing and advocacy in the city. These products might include public forums or speak-outs, policy white papers or briefs, and web-based dissemination tools.

The Polling for Justice Project was launched in January 2008; we will be providing updates on its progress on this website through 2008-2009.

Project Director: Maddy Fox

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