The Morris Justice Project (MJP) was a collaborative research team of neighborhood residents in the south Bronx and members of the Public Science Project, the CUNY Graduate Center, John Jay College, and Pace University Law Center. Sponsored by the Public Science Project, MJP spent two years documenting experiences of policing in a 40 block community near Yankee stadium and several years more acting on this research. Active in Communities United for Police Reform and deeply concerned about the NYPD’s use of stop and frisk, MJP closely watched the historic Floyd v. the City of New York trial and the contested passage of the Community Safety Act.

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Members of the Morris Justice Project: Anonymous, Ayana Bartholomew, Paul Bartley, Fawn Bracy, Hillary Caldwell, Lauren Dewey, Cory Greene, Jan Haldipur, Prakriti Hassan, Scott Lizama, Einat Manoff, Freddy Nova, Nadine Sheppard, Brett Stoudt, María Elena Torre, Jacqueline Yates…

The Morris Justice Project has been made possible with generous support from: The Public Science Project, The Public Welfare Foundation, The Adco Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Bronx Defenders, The Melrose Library

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