Jen Gieseking is a Ph.D. Candidate in environmental psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her work focuses on geographies of privilege and injustice, particularly around issues of gender/sexuality and the production of space and identity. Her dissertation examines lesbians’ and queer women’s spaces and economies in New York City since 1983 to uncover the experiences of groups that may be “seen” as “invisible,” and how these women’s experiences of injustice may have shifted over time and to what ends. This work will produce a more differentiated and nuanced understanding of urban space and the relationship between space and identity.

Her article “(Re)Constructing Women: Scaled Portrayals of Privilege and Gender Norms on Campus” is available online through Blackwell Publications, publisher of the journal Area, where the piece appeared in 2007. She is presently finishing a piece on the literature and technique of the mental mapping methodology that she uses in her work, as well as a piece considering the liberal feminist ethic of elite colleges that has developed over the 20th century and what it has meant for student and alumnae gender and class identity development. In Summer 2007, she was a Fellow of the Summer Institute of the Geographies of Justice.

Her website is