The International Education Initiative (IEI) works with schools to 1) develop and implement a customized whole school curricular and instructional program, 2) design and provide a pre-service teacher education institute, and 3) conduct professional development workshops, institutes and seminars for teachers, school leaders and the communities they serve.

The mission of IEI as it works through the Public Science Project at the City University of New York Graduate Center is to build relationships with international partners for inclusive social justice education. We work with schools and institutions to further progressive educational practices for improved instruction and learning. We support schools as they design whole school and classroom culturally responsive and inclusive environments.

Uniquely organized for the purpose of teacher and leader training and development, IEI fuses scientific knowledge about child development and instructional best practices with local community knowledge. IEI is premised on the theory that individuals and communities can strive to actively embrace a world of ever accelerating change by enabling individuals to manage their society and environment. Grounded in a learner centered educational practice, IEI closely coordinates classroom and school academic work with field-based practice to prepare participants for their roles as educators

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Vivodh Anand,, (347) 637-0572

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