The CAregiver REsearch Project
San Francisco/Bay Area

The ‘CARE’ in CARE Project stands for Caregiver Research. Training began in 2012 and participatory collection and analysis continues today. The project’s primary goal is to collect the stories of caregivers in our community to understand what they are going through. The CARE Project trains caregivers and other community members on conducting research about their work conditions and their lives. During this training, CARE researchers also go through leadership development to gain the tools necessary to address the issues that emerge from the research.

Collaborators and Affiliations:

Filipino Community Center –
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns –
Samahan Ng Kababaihan (SAMAKA)
BABAE San Francisco –
Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, University of California, Davis


Caregiver Research Project Launched

Who Cares?

Rodriguez, Robyn and Valerie Francisco. Forthcoming. “Globalization and the Rise of Undocumented Migrants” in Human Rights and Undocumented Migrants edited by Lois Lorentzen.

Francisco, Valerie. Forthcoming. “Ang Ating Iisang Kuwento”Our Collective Story: Migrant Filipino Workers and Participatory Action Research” in Discourse, Practices, Institutions in Europe (Grenzregime. Diskurse, Praktiken, Institutionen in Europa) edited by Helen Schwenken, Sabine Hess, Miriam Trzeciak and Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff.

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