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It has been widely documented that young Black and Latino men have been targeted by the New York City Police Departments use of  Stop, Question, & Frisk. Researchers for Fair Policing, a youth and adult research team from Make the Road New York and the Public Science Project, have gathered evidence that “Stop & Frisk” has also had harsh negative consequences for women, immigrant communities, and LGBTQ communities. This video introduces the widespread impact of Stop & Frisk on diverse communities in New York City residents. Stop & Frisk divides our city. How can we hold the NYPD accountable for the safety and well-being of everyone in our communities?

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Brought to you by Researchers for Fair Policing

of Make the Road New York and The Public Science Project

Filmed, Directed and Edited by

Dinalee Rosado, Justin “Cameraman” Serrano & Amanda Matles


Stephfon Bell, Kimberly Belmonte, Jasmine Carter, Elijah Chance, Oscar Chico, Jennifer Chmielewski, Damont Dillard, Selma Djokovic, Samantha Figueroa, Cierra Forde, Brittany Gary, Jaritza Geigel, Markeys Gonzalez, Patricia González-Ramírez, Olivia Goode, Keeshan Harley, Hector Jorge, Samielly Leon, Tianna Matthews, Icesis McDonald, Marisol Milano, Andres Padilla, Adilka Pimentel, Ericka Raules, Justin Rosado, Mateo Tabares, Tiffany Sanchez, Laura Tenocura & Brenda Vasquez

Project Direction

Caitlin Cahill, Jose Lopez, Brett G. Stoudt & María Elena Torre

Special Thanks To

The Adco Foundation, The Antipode Foundation, The Graduate Center, CUNY,

John Jay College, CUNY, Pratt Institute & The Sociological Initiatives Foundation


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