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Community Archive Project


The Youth Researchers for a New Education System Project – Eve Tuck, Maria Bacha, Irving Morales, Nzhingha Nkhrumah, Ludwige Saintus, Teresa Ann Willis, and Joanna Vogel

The Gateways and Get-aways Project by the Collective of Researchers on Educational Disappointment and Desire – Eve Tuck, Maria Bacha, Jovanne Allen, Alexis Morales, Jamilla Thompson, Sarah Quinter, Jodi-Ann Gayle, Melody Tuck, and Crystal Orama.

Growing up in Salt Lake City – Caitlin Cahill and others

Jailed Women and HIV Education: A Collaborative Investigation – Jessica Fields, Isela Gonzalez and others

Youth-to-Youth College Guide – Lori Chajet, Sierra Stoneman-Bell

Global Rights Project – Michelle Fine, Eve Tuck, Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Brett Stoudt, Amber Hui


Echoes of Brown– Michelle Fine, Maria Elena Torre, Rosemarie Roberts etal

College Experience Study – Jennifer Ayala

Children of Incarcerated Mothers – Sarah Zeller-Berkman

Chilltown Researchers – Edric Engalia, Carolyn Garcia, Devon Gleason, Chris Hammonds, Jonathan Irizarry, Sweety Patel and Jennifer Ayala

Educational Opportunity Gap Project

Changing Minds: The impact of College in Maximum Security Prison
Michelle Fine, Maria Torre, Kathy Boudin, Iris Bowen, Judith Clark, Donna Hylton, Migdalia Martinez, “Missy”, Rosemarie Roberts, Pamela Smart, Debora Upegui

A collaboration between New York City youth researchers, The CUNY
Graduate Center, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, the Urban
Youth Collaborative, Hunter College, and youth and advocacy organizations in NYC designed
to carry out youth-generated research that informs demands for policy reform, particularly
in the intersecting areas of education, health and juvenile justice. Read articles and watch
more about PFJ
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Cleveland State University teacher candidates and students in a nearby middle and high school bring together PAR and filmmaking in an examination of school and community change.
Over three years the Welfare Warriors Research Collaborative surveyed 171 low-income LGBT and gender nonconforming (GNC) people, most of whom are members of people of color communities, and conducted 10 storytelling interviews in a PAR project about the economics of peoples’ lives, struggles with social services and police, as well as the many ways people generate justice..
Philippine Forum’s youth programs in Queens. For more information watch the YEHEY Film.
An off-shoot of the Educational Opportunity Gap Study, the Finance Equity Project grew out of a commitment to having young people inquire into the circumstances and conditions of their own education. A collaboration between researchers from The CUNY Graduate Center and students at East Side Community High School, the project produced “What You Thought We Didn’t Know: Finance Inequity and the New York Public Schools.”